Don Zhu Vee Har

Maryna, who I call my Guruji, is one of the greatest teacher I have, who has contributed a big part of the transformation of my life. I was a broken pieces when I met her, she deeply touched my soul. She showed me ways how to love myself, to love unconditionally, to live life to the fullest. And then I slowly picked myself up again through her teachings and guidance. I also gained confidence, and then joy flowed into my life. I am truly blessed to have her help and guidance . Please, if you feel that you are somehow low in life, meet Maryna!

Catherine Chisnall

I very rarely take time to post reviews. I don’t, usually because I don’t have time to go into an in depth analysis to back up why I did or didn’t find a book was valuable. I read approximately 10-15 new books per year and this is the best book I’ve read in the past year. I am still working to implement many different aspects, but it’s truly changing my life for the better.

A. Lane

Absolutely, it is a must-read for everyone that would like to be happier.

Andrew D Wright

This book will change your life. Maryna’s ideas are quite revolutionary, as is the whole of positive psychology predicated as it is on using what we know about our brains to enable us to use them more effectively, before positive psychology came along, the psychological effort of humanity was focused on the negative side of our mental lives, exploring all of the things that could go wrong with the complex human mind. Mental Illness and psychology were basically synonyms, with the medical disciplines fetching when brains go wrong over applying it’s understandings in a more balanced, life-affirming way. Positive psychology restores that balance, acknowledging that there’s a lot we can do in weeding our own mental garden in a manner that means we live as happy a life as possible. In fact, the premise of Maryna’s wonderful book is that - happiness doesn’t follow success, it is the other way round. We are more likely to be successful when we are positive and happy - up to 30% more successful - because brains are in a positive state that is more imaginative, responsive and flexible.

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